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An Overview of Our Services

At Crown Construction Inc, we believe that your project should be kept as simple and straightforward as possible, regardless of how complex the task may seem. We try to avoid subcontractors and outsourcing wherever possible.


We offer a broad range of Construction house services, including:


  • Construction  Management (C/M).
  • Construction, General (Backfill Services, Digging, Ditching, Road Grading, Rock Stabilization, etc.)
  • Construction, Bridge and Drawbridge (Includes Reconstruction/Rehabilitation)
  • Construction, Curb and Gutter (Includes Maintenance, Repair, and Removal)
  • Construction, Highway and Road
  • Construction, Parking Lot and Alley
  • Construction, Sewer and Storm Drain
  • Construction, Sidewalk and Driveway (Includes Pedestrian and Handicap Ramps)
  • Construction, Street (Major and Residential)(Includes Reconstruction)
  • Construction, Utility/Underground Projects
  • Construction, Vaulted Sidewalk
  • Construction, Water System, Main and Service Line


  • Home improvement & maintenance
  • Renovations & repairs
  • Bath, Kitchen & Ceramic Remodeling
  • Decks, terraces & balconies
  • Masonry, roofing & siding
  • Interior finish & painting
  • Plumbing services
  • Electrical work
  • and more!


We specialize in both residential and commercial development. Follow the links below to find out what Crown Construction Inc can do for you.




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